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Flight 2000 Voted First Classic Bally Table to Come to Pinball Arcade

Posted by on May 3rd, 2013 | 7 Comments | Tags: ,

Recently, FarSight Studios allowed its fans to vote on the first classic Bally made pinball table to get the full digital makeover for The Pinball Arcade. As announced on the Pinball Arcade Facebook page, the fans narrowly chose Flight 2000 with a close second going to the table I voted for, SeaWitch.

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According to the internet pinball database (ipdb.org), Flight 2000 was released in 1980 sometime around my first birthday. A whopping 6,301 units were manufactured in total from Stern Electronics Incorporated based out of Chicago, Illinois. The table itself features a cool zig-zag maze at the top left of the playfield that is actually the multiball lock mechanism. Each ball is launched through three “lift-off” stages before passing through the top arch.

FarSight plans to have the table ready for digital consumption sometime later this year. I imagine they are starting the tear down right now. Ironically, the saddest yet most exciting part of digitizing these classic and sometimes irreplaceable tables has to be the tear down. Watch this video of some guy playing the real Flight 2000 and notice how bouncy the ball is on every surface. Also, notice how difficult it appears to be to shoot at the maze. Can’t wait!