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Eurogamer Expo Indie Showcase

Posted by on September 29th, 2013 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

Shahid Ahmad is still on an indie game supporting rampage. In this clip from EGX, Shahid outlines how Sony is working to be the most indie-friendly platform and how the video games industry is evolving.

There are a ton of relevant points throughout the half-hour presentation, but if you’re short on time and need a TLDR list, check it out:

  • YouTube allows self-publishing, Kindle allows some self-publishing.
  • Publishing isn’t going anywhere (GTAV = $1 Billion in 3 days), but it is changing.
  • Much of publishing is put behind advertising costs. Indie games benefit from word of mouth advertising, a surprisingly important aspect of marketing.
  • IGN pull-quote = Hotline Miami has depth; indie games have DEPTH.
  • It is really hard to finish a video game; not everyone can make indie games.
  • Having the tools to make art doesn’t make you an artist.
  • Indie PS stories:
  • Honeyslug (Hohokum, Super Exploding Zoo)
  • Abstraction/Dennoton/Devolver (Hotline Miami 1 and 2)
  • Futurlab (Velocity Ultra, Velocity 2X)
  • Mike Bithell (Volume)
  • Atomicon (Switch Galaxy Ultra)
  • Teknopants/Maxistentialism (Samurai Gunn)
  • Chucklefish (Starbound)
  • Cellar Door Games (Rogue Legacy)
  • Vlambeer (Wasteland Kings)
  • Business = great relationships.
  • YOLO

    I am buying a PS4 because I know about all of the indie developers in kahoots with Sony. I am spreading the word as much as possible, but I still know people who have no idea who Futurlab or Honeyslug are, let alone what a Super Crate Box might contain.

    What are the indie games you are looking forward to on the PS4/Vita? How will you spread the word? How long until Coconut Dodge 2X HD Remix sells $1 Billion? Also, if you’re reading, Futurlab, someone please make a platformer in the CD universe.