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Avoid Droid Coming to Vita this Summer

Posted by on April 23rd, 2014 | 0 Comments | Tags: , ,

So, remember that lengthy list of indie games we posted after E3 last summer? Need a reminder? We have new information regarding Avoid Droid, one of the titles nestled into the indie Vita list.

Avoid Droid comes from two man UK team Infinite State Games. The game requires you to dodge a ridiculous amount of mayhem whilst collecting fruit to increase your score. Think of the explosion chain mechanic from Everyday Shooter, then add a dash of Coconut Dodge’s… dodging. From the looks of it, the Avoid Droid has improved significantly since E3. The trailer above along with the following gameplay preview both look extremely promising. I can see myself losing hours upon hours completing challenges or just setting high scores in the time attack or chill out modes. I think I spotted some hat support in there, too!


Avoid Droid will be releasing on Vita early June 2014, with an iOS version releasing a bit later.

Download the soundtrack EP for free on Bandcamp! It’s a wubtastic addition to what I’m sure will be a blast of an arcade game.