PlayStation Mobile Sneak Peek August 21st 2013: Magic Planet Snack Deluxe

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Here is what hopefully will be released on August 21st on the PlayStation Mobile store. You should note that the releases are subject to change and that games do not always come to every region that PlayStation Mobile is in.

Aik Fighter

I assume this is from the makers of Aik The Barbarian, which was a reskin of a PSM SDK example…

Magic Planet Snack Deluxe

Hey this game has some information out there on the internets! Look some gameplay (@ 57:00)!

You can even read my impressions about it right here!

Touch Speed Fighter

No clue what this one is either.

Please be excited for this week’s releases. If you know anything about any of these games, please post in the comments below. Oh there might be a new runtime library released on Tuesday as well.