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PlayStation Mobile Sneak Peek – Ascent of Kings, King Bean, SLICE Ninjas, And More

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Here is what you can expect to see on PlayStation Mobile later tonight. Don’t know what regions will see which games, but here is the list:

Ascent of Kings

The death of a King.

An epic challenge to choose a new ruler.

Will the smallest of four brothers turn out to be the strongest? Will a young boy become King? The answer is up to you.

The latest game from Nostatic Software, developers of Kung Fu Fight and Quiet, Please!

MapCache Offline Maps

MapCache provides fast, responsive maps even when you are offline. Avoid expensive roaming charges. No signal? No data plan? No problem.

Don’t have a data plan, or want to conserve your data? Cache maps when you are at home or have access to public WiFi for later use.

This is also from Nostatic Software. Would be handy, but my phone can already do this.

Math Running

Cute graphics and math, seems like it would be great for a kid. Vita’s first edutainment game?


We don’t have any information on this game. I will be hunting around the internet to try to find some more about it.

King Bean

From our post about the game:

Playing as King Bean, the object of the game is to collect all the beans in the level in as few moves as possible. The levels have an invisible grid and every time King Bean passes through a square, that counts as 1 move even when falling as seen in this trailer. Additionally, some beans will be trapped inside a mound of dirt or grass blocks. Choosing which to move and which to break (a la Minecraft or Terraria) will allow you to reach other beans strewn across the level.

Any of these games catch your eye? I will be livestreaming the ones I buy later tonight.