PlayStation Web Store Adds Download Queues And Auto-Downloading

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Update: I can confirm that the PS3 will auto-download content from the queue if you just leave it on the XMB. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes for the prompt to appear and start the download.

A new feature has been added to the Sony Entertainment Network Webstore, the ability to queue up content to be downloaded the next time you turn a system on. You can access your queue from the following link. We last heard of this when firmware 4.40 was released.

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As mentioned before the auto-downloading will only work when you turn the system on, it will not wake your PS3 up from a cold start. It did auto-download my queue when I manually turned the system on. But if you happen to have a Vita or PSP lying around you could Remote Play and turn your system on to start your downloads if you are away from home. And of course if you have PlayStation Plus, it will process this queue when it does its nightly sync.

For Vita, as long as you are connected to the internet it will process your queue. From testing on my device, it took about 10min for the game to get pushed out and downloaded.

There are some interesting things you can do from your download list now as well. You can add games to which ever queue you want. So if it is a Cross buy title, you can choose to have it add to both PS3 and Vita queues, or just one of them.

While this isn’t a perfect solution for push downloads, it does do the trick. You can learn more about Remote Downloading to your PlayStation devices here.

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  • superwolfkin

    nice stuff

  • Slowly getting there. Now we just need the search feature for our download history. Not that hard is it?

    • oo7PorscheMGS

      For real, …or at least a list of ONLY the things we’ve BOUGHT off of the PS Store… it’s crazy having to go through all the demos / videos etc. that you’ve downloaded just so you can find the things you’ve BOUGHT. Really stupid, SONY needs to hurry up with this feature too. A simple sorting feature… you’d think with the “PS Store Redesign” that THIS should have been #1 on their list.. but no, they chose to focus on making the PS Store look pretty so people would be “enticed” to buy new stuff… they chose to focus on marketing instead of focusing on making the product easy to use first. The store would “sell” itself if it was designed well. The funny thing is that I think they actually LOSE money with the way the store is designed right now…. much slower and stuff is all over the place, it’s easy for a casual player to miss what new stuff is on the store. This has been said many times before but it’s with good reason- the old design WAS better. Simple and speedy.

    • IMO the new store is a fail. It’s slow, hard to find what you want. I really think Sony is just to incompetent to make such things worth while.

  • benbenkr

    So it’s only some what functional then, not the way Sony promised at least.

    If one is at an office and want to set a remote download on their PS3, there is no way to do it except to call home (if they have someone at home) to turn on the PS3 or have a Vita/PSP connected through remote.

    The former of course would make no sense either.

    All of these features are obviously a “beta” for the PS4.

  • ” it will not wake your PS3 up from a cold start.”

    Why not? RemotePlay can do it. So PSN has the ability.

  • Interesting! Web shopping can be very addictive! It’s also easier to browse using the web browser.

  • Daytona

    Did you try a movie?

    • Chris

      I have not, I don’t really use the Video store to be honest.

    • There’s a few free episodes of The Tester or something similar that you can watch, or at least test download.

  • Really great things coming from PlayStation right now that makes gaming easier 🙂