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God Mode Gets Snarky on PSN This Tuesday

Posted by on April 19th, 2013 | 3 Comments | Tags:

If you remember me talking about Atlus’ God Mode in the recent past, then you also saw the trailers for the game that featured a wise-cracking Spirit Guide barraging the player with snarky one-liners. The 3rd person shooter gameplay also looks similar in many ways, and yet refreshed for next week’s April 23rd release.

We learned a lot about the game during our Q&A with developer Old School Games’ CEO Matthew Karch. At the start, he explained that this game was tailor made for a $9.99 digital download-only release while the design and execution was that of a $60 retail game. Additionally, Karch goes on to say that God Mode is using the same processor as Call of Duty and Uncharted, and PSN games should not be restricted by the lore of being downloadable.

Today, Old School Games’ Producer Nick Madonnna has gone onto the PlayStation Blog to announce that God Mode is releasing this tuesday on PSN. Most of what is mentioned we’ve already heard from Karch right here, although Madonna does sum up the Spirit Guide rather well with the desciptors “disgruntled, metrosexual British jerk.”

What I think we can take away from his blog post the most is that Old School Games, a studio derived from Saber Interactive and utilizing Saber’s technology, is poised to make many games for PSN with retail appeal. How many of our PSNStores readers have had God Mode on their radar?