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PSNStores Giveaway: Nun Attack

Posted by on March 21st, 2013 | 46 Comments | Tags: ,

PSNStores has a bunch of codes to give away this week and several different ways for you to get one. If you aren’t already, follow @PSNStores on Twitter to get more information as it arises, and there might even be a couple codes to give away there as well.

Nun Attack is on Vita for only $2.99. Frima Studios originally released the game on mobile platforms including Android for the steep price of free. I’m sure there are people out there that would ask why they would ever think of paying $3 for the same game on Vita. It is not the same, however, since there are no micro-transactions (everything is unlockable in-game), graphics were improved, and trophies should make all the difference.

Now, for this PSNStores Giveaway you’ll need to ANSWER a riddle in the comments section below. But, I’ve hidden three pieces of the riddle (one for every dollar that Nun Attack costs) in the comments of three different posts. The challenge is to find those posts by 1) following clues to find the missing riddle pieces, 2) complete the riddle and 3) provide the CORRECT answer in the comments section of THIS post. The first person to provide the correct answer will win a code for Nun Attack on Vita.

No worries if you’re not first, because we will be picking a few winners at random from the other correct answers. You may submit as many different answers as you’d like, but each answer must only be submitted one time. If we find you’ve submitted the correct entry more than once, we will pick a different person. Winners will be DM-ed through Twitter. Please study the simple rules below and good luck.

  1. Follow @psnstores on Twitter.
  2. Follow the clues within the comments of three different posts to complete the riddle below (don’t post the missing riddle pieces please).
  3. Attempt to correctly answer the riddle in the comments section below. 1 answer per comment. You may comment multiple times, but do not repeat your own previous answers.


Riddle: What is a nun’s ____ ____ ____?

Clue #1: Go to the most recently published 5-star PSM game review.