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Nun Attack Available On Vita Tomorrow

Posted by on March 18th, 2013 | 5 Comments | Tags:

Frima Studios has outdone themselves with this announcement for Nun Attack. It’s coming to Vita tomorrow for only $2.99. That’s less than 75¢ per nun, 8¢ per mission, or 4¢ per gun packed into the game.

Nun Attack has previously been released for mobile operating systems, but Frima is quick to point out that this is not simply a port of the mobile version. Much more care was taking in making it an original Vita version. Take a look at the list of features you should be aware of before parting with your hard earned $3 tomorrow when the PS Store updates:

  • Challenging tactical action and reflexive gameplay
  • Rebalanced leveling and weaponry for PS Vita play
  • Improved graphics for PS Vita
  • 40 missions to conquer in multiple stunning environments
  • Four nuns, each with a unique personality and special power
  • A full shop with over 80 guns to equip with various effects (stun, slow, DOT, AoE, Knockback, Fear, Charm)
  • Seven miracles to cast

What do you guys think? Personally, a recent Netflix mistake comes to mind involving naked nuns and lots of heavy artillery. Maybe this isn’t the best place to talk about your nun fantasies, but who’s gonna stop you (the admins).

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