PSNStores Giveaway: Another Let’s Fish! Hooked On t-shirt [CLOSED]

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Looking for a sweet teal blue Let’s Fish! Hooked On t-shirt to add to your collection? Here’s another chance to win one courtesy of Wired Productions and Let’s Fish! Hooked On, available for PlayStation Vita for only $9.99.

This time, instead of telling you what you’ll learn from this tip video (as the title of the video sort of does already), I want you to tell me what you may have learned from the video. Leave a comment down below telling me at least one thing you learned from the tips video embedded above to gain an opportunity to win this week’s Let’s Fish! Hooked On t-shirt.


Here are the rules:

  • This contest is open to anyone in North America, this includes you Canada
  • Watch the video embedded above and leave a comment down below telling us what you learned
  • On Twitter, tweet the following: @psnstores @LetsFishGame This shirt giveaway is easy. #LetsFishTip2
  • or on Google+, share the following: +psnstores This shirt giveaway is easy. #LetsFishTip2
  • Winner will be chosen at random

I’ll announce the winner in each post when the next one goes up and they’ll be contacted through Twitter or Google+ according, so make sure you’re following or circling @PSNStores and +PSNStores respectively.

If you’d like to see what we thought of the Let’s Fish! Hooked On for Vita, be sure to check out Nick’s (that’s me!) review here. Good luck!

  • Stellaking

    For a start, what a rockin’ soundtrack !!!

    It’s a daring cast off from that young lady & she is quite brave to aim between those huts – yet, I’m guessing that’s so very clever.

    Mmmm… She certainly chose a precision fishing spot, & to bait within the ‘safety of cover’ beneath said huts – this indeed proves impressive (& so noted) technical skill & knowledge.

    Very quick to lure, almost like dancing…
    The young Miss definitely has me hooked on & interested.
    Why have I not heard of Let’s Fish before? I love this, this is brilliant 😀

  • Ludono

    You can tell if the fish will bite because your character will mention it lol

    • KosmoCrisis

      Yeah, you can get worried if your character says nothing, which can be the case for the first half dozen lures you try so long as your line doesn’t break losing that lure completely!

    • KosmoCrisis

      Guess what Ludono? You won! I’ll hit you up on Twitter. Congratulations!

  • Devin Hudson

    I learned that depending on which lure you’re using, you may have to keep tugging at it in order to raise its allure appeal.

  • John Doe

    to cast press the circle button.

  • Naruske Yoshizumi

    Quickly hit the circle button to throw your cast.

  • Sydney Queti

    When there is fish interested the character will say something.

  • David S.

    To make sure lure does not hit the bottom gently tug it.