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Prepare To Hakommunicate – “Open Me” Coming To North America

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Remember this really weird trailer for a Japanese AR Vita game called Hako! Open Me? Well the game was announced for North American (and European) release today on the PlayStation Blog.

The goal of Open Me is to open the box that is placed in front of you via augmented reality. There are many traps that are placed on each box, so each is a real puzzle to open. Dais Kawaguchi, an Associate Producer over at SCEA, described some of the different types of boxes you can see when playing:

Boxes range from a simple wooden box to a more sophisticated box made of metal, each with its own unique tricks to opening the box. Examples of challenges include stacking colorful boxes from the inside of a larger box, or exploring and disarming a box’s security system (i.e. spinning blades or propellers).

There is even multiplayer, so if you know another person with a Vita, you can solve puzzles cooperatively. There is no word on if any of the numerous DLC boxes will be coming over to the west. Sony has been cross promoting most of its first party titles this way in Japan and Asia. However, the game will be at GDC next week and I am going to be sure to check it out.

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]