How To Navigate The New Japanese PlayStation Store

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A few weeks back, Japan joined the new PlayStation Store club. That means you will see a store similar to the North America and Europe when you login via a Japanese PSN account.

With everything being new, I made this video showing where to find what. It should be simple enough for someone without any Japanese knowledge to browse the store and find what you need quickly… well as fast as the new store lets you.

  • Brilliant stuff, a much need reference. Thank you sir.
    Downloaded Yakuza 5 and Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 demos.

  • seidh

    Can you tell me what this big yellow star with the 1000Yen means?
    Thanks for the vid! I was really lost with the new store….

    • Romangelo

      PlayStation Store renewal
      PSN ticket 1,000 yen present

      sorry, I don’t know kanji but it seems like PS Plus renewal bonus, get 1000Y in return.

  • anann

    how is your japanese ?

  • jajs


  • Ali

    Hi there nice job but my question would be if I am interested in any of these game how about i buy them ?

  • ThePSNnoob

    I cant find that new gundam game has it been taken off?

  • ヒメダ カル