PlayStation Mobile Update – December 19

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Here is what is new on PSM this week.

Cosmic Clean-up ( $1.29 / £0.99 / ¥125 )

Blast off into outer-space as the first cosmonaut of your own little planet! Tackle the dense space junkyard in your tiny rocket by burning through space debris with your super strength rocket thrusters! There’s no way to turn off your thrusters after launch and no slowing down!

Publisher: Ripstone Ltd.
Size: 33MB
Players: 1 Player
Online: No
Supports: Touchscreen

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Crash Planets ( $0.99 / £0.79 / ¥100 )

Here is the vast universe. You are a newborn planet. However, rogue planets will come to attack you. The only way to blow up them is to CRASH your body into them. Now accelerate your body and try to crash into the enemy planets!

Publisher: Tomonori Misawa
Size: 24MB
Players: 1-2 Player/s
Online: No
Supports: Touchscreen, Controller, On-screen Controller

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