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Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons Stirs the Emotions on PSN in 2013

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505 Games has stepped up recently with offerings like Naughty Bear, Adidas miCoach, and Sniper Elite V2. Now they are setting their sights on a 2013 PSN release for Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, forced to journey far and wide in search for the “water of life” to save their ill father.

While the story sounds like a mashup of recent Disney and Pixar films, the press release from 505 Games tells the story of how the two brothers compliment each other’s weaknesses. One brother is brave and the other is afraid, one is strong and the other is weak. Let’s hope for their sake the positive traits are cantered. No one would want to be the brother that is weak and afraid, offer little to nothing in the effort to save his father.

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The teaser trailer and images above shows off the surreal environments with a smooth soundtrack to put you in the mood. Although, you’ll need to exercise patience before you prepare to play Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons anytime soon. The current release date is Spring 2013. We’ll bring more info on the brothers when Starbreeze Studios or 505 Games share with us again.