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PSN Play Is Back With Sound Shapes, Papo & Yo And More

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PlayStation Network Play is back again and this year’s offerings are as good as ever. Much like last year PSN Play allows for users to preorder titles and receive rewards for buying games. Grab any two of the titles and recieve $3, get any three and receive $6 and if you buy them all you will receive $10 in store credit. The promotion is running from July 24th through August 27th but I guess you just wanna know about the games right? Well, here they are;

On July 31, you have the succinctly titled The Expendables 2 Videogame. Launching first exclusively on PSN, this 4 player co-op shooter leads up to the events of the second movie, and what looks like a lot of action. Generally, Ubisoft seems to do ok with their licensed games if Scott Pilgrim was any indication, so there’s at least some chance of the game being good. Pre-order The Expendables 2 Videogame starting July 24 for $14.99, or $11.99 for PLUS members. There’s a trailer too, if you want to be yelled at by Terry Crews.

Next up you have Sound Shapes on August 7. Queasy Games’ musical platformer has been the talk of the Vita lineup since it was announced, and now that it has a PS3 release too, its a perfect fit for PSN Play. Remember, if you buy it once, you get it on both platforms. You can pre-order Sound Shapes starting July 31 for $14.99, or again just $11.99 for PLUS members. Forgotten what the game looks like? Here’s a trailer;

Following that, you have Papo & Yo, Minority’s hotly anticipated title set in a dreamscape inspired by South American favellas, telling the story of Quico and his best friend Monster. Of course, all is not well in Quico’s world, and he also has to battle Monster’s addiction to poisonous frogs. Papo & Yo will be available for pre-order starting August 7 for $14.99, or $11.99 for PLUS members. I’m sensing a pattern here. Oh look, a trailer!

Finally, its time for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. A new version of the classic multiplayer game, CS:GO features classic game types like Bomb Diffusal and Hostage Rescue, and introduces two new modes: Arms Race and Demolition. With online multiplayer for 10 players, along with Move and KB/M support, it looks like a pretty complete package. It’ll be available for pre-order starting August 14 for $14.99, and of course $11.99 for PLUS members. The PlayStation Blog crew had the game on stage during their E3 livestream, so here’s the demo they showed;

There you have it, 4 good looking games for pretty snazzy prices, especially with those PS+ discounts. What are you planning on picking up?