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Playstation Store PLAY 2013 Deals Unveiled

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PlayStation is continuing their annual summer game showcase with four brand new titles this year. How the sale works is basically, the more of these games you buy, the more money you get back in return in the form of a voucher. Along with that, you will also receive an XMB theme based on the game you bought.

Pre-orders will begin July 16, with the first game going on sale July 23rd, and the final game going on sale on August 13th. The sale is currently only confirmed on North America, and nothing is known if any other regions will participate in the sale.

The games will be:

Along with the money given back through the pre-orders, PlayStation Plus members will also receive 20% off of each game. So, all of the $9.99 games will be $7.99 and DuckTales will be $11.99 for Plus members. I know I’m going to have to try out DuckTales and Ibb & Obb, but what games will you be picking up from the PLAY sale?