An Update on Velocity And Vita In The US

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If you’re a Vita owner you’re probably aware of the fact that certain PSP and Minis games just will not work on your Vita at the moment. What’s worse is there’s some really great games (like Velocity and even Floating Cloud God) that just recently came out that can’t be played on Vita at all. Futurlab, developers of Velocity, have posted an update on the situation over on their blog.

Even though Velocity is playable on Vita in the EU regions it’s still mysteriously unavailable for people in the US. According to their blog they are on the priority list but there’s no ETA currently set on when this might happen. We’ll be sure to update everyone when this does happen though. In the mean time it looks like we’ll just have to sit here and twiddle our thumbs. Or you could go get Velocity and play on your PS3/PSP it’s still a really great game.

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  • Agent X

    Velocity really is an excellent game, and deserving of all of the praise that the reviews have been giving it. I’m enjoying it on my PSP, but it’s a crying shame that I can’t play it on my Vita as well

    I don’t grasp why Sony isn’t simultaneously testing and certifying all NEWLY submitted PSP games (and, by extension, Minis) for Vita compatibility. I can understand why it might take Sony weeks or months to comb through hundreds of previously existing PSP games, many of which were developed years ago when the Vita was nothing more than a wistful dream. However, I can’t think of any logical reason why anything NEW isn’t already being tested on the Vita.

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