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Velocity 2X Codex Launched, Blissfully Sci-Fi

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Futurlab announced earlier today via their website that the flight computer for Velocity 2X is now active. The team has been focusing on fleshing out the narrative backdrop of this particular franchise before Velocity 2X releases for PS4/Vita sometime soon.

Check out the codex to find more detailed information about Rekenium, Lt. Kai Tana, and the spacely new world she is discovering beyond the blackhole.

Kai Tana toting a Rekenium Rifle

This isn’t the first step Futurlab have taken toward developing the lore behind Velocity. Kai Tana’s Twitter account was active before the original minis version of the game went live some years ago. If you’ve never tried Velocity, an updated version is being released for PS3 this Tuesday (November 12th).

The entire project is becoming much more than a video game, taking on the properties of a full-fledged science-fiction story. I’m having a fun time learning the lore behind the extremely entertaining game series. Now if we could only get some background info on how Clawrence ended up on that island…