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Paint Park, Treasure Park and Wake Up Club Coming to Vita

Posted by on April 17th, 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

Looking for something new and exciting to play on your new PlayStation Vita? Well, maybe keep looking for a while. Until then, though, you can always check out the three new apps Sony revealed for the device today on the PlayStation Blog. Called ‘Paint Park’, ‘Treasure Park’ and ‘Wake Up Club’, these three apps look set to provide some entertaining new things to do while you wait for an actual game to install.

First up we have ‘Paint Park’, due out on April 18th. Its a drawing app, with competitive online multiplayer for up to 6 people. I’m not even going to begin to imagine how chaotic drawing on the Vita’s screen with 5 other people is going to be, but I bet the results will be hilarious. The app supports doodling over photos taken with the system’s on-board cameras, so here’s a picture of the fun you could get up to;

Personally, I can’t wait to draw googly eyes on my hand.

Next up is ‘Treasure Park’. Now, this seems slightly more akin to an actual game, where you and your friends can create puzzles and challenge each other with solving them. There’s not much information here to go on, but the blog post does make mention of Near and 3G functionality coming in to play, with the discovery of puzzles by other people. Treasure Park is coming out in the summer.

Finally, we have ‘Wake Up Club’. This is a an alarm clock app that turns dragging yourself out of bed into a game, with awards for waking up within a certain time from the alarm first going off. There’s no date for this one yet other than ‘summer’.