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flickr For PS Vita Works Again … In Japan

Posted by on August 13th, 2014 | 1 Comment | Tags:

There’s a handful of options to share screenshots on PS Vita. You can transfer them directly from the handheld to a PC/PS3 through Content Manager, upload them to certain sites through the web browser, or just share them through Vita’s dedicated networking apps.

My most preferred screenshots sharing option has been the Flickr app. The images aren’t any more compressed than they usually are (versus the Twitter app, which compresses things even further) and it makes for easy sharing on other websites. flickr’s recent API change seems to have broken the app, as users are now greeted to an error when trying to upload pictures. Fortunately, Sony’s team has updated the PS Vita app to version 1.20 in Japan to address the problem. Those of us in the west are still stuck with the broken 1.10 build.

flickr for PS Vita joins Nico Nico (1.0 in NA, 2.41 in JP) as broken apps still available on the North American store that have patches available in other regions. As I’m sure more people use flickr than Nico Nico over here, I suspect we’ll get the patch … eventually.

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