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New Game Alert: Zack Zero

Posted by on January 11th, 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags:

This is the first we have heard about Zack Zero, which is nuts since we are usually on top of our games. But nonetheless, Zack Zero was released today on the PlayStation Store in Europe. We haven’t got a chance to try it out, but you can see some of the game’s features here:

  • More than 30 characters, including 5 spectacular bosses!
  • Incredible and diverse scenarios: travel to the world of the evil Zulrog and cross the wild territories of the planet’s surface, the dangerous enemy base, deep caverns, and subterranean lava lakes and sneak into your enemy’s prison to rescue Marlene and put an end to Zulrog’s plans.
  • Use Zack’s experimental suit to wield the powers of fire, ice and rock, with 10 unique skills that become increasingly powerful with use.
  • Develop Zack up to level 20, defeat enemies using a variety of creative attacks in order to reach Zack’s maximum power.
  • Find hidden objects in remote areas of each scenario, a true challenge for skilled treasure hunters.
  • Follow the storyline through animated comics that portray the game’s script.
  • Real-time online ranking system: find your friend’s scores and try to beat them.

We should be getting a copy of the game tomorrow, so look for some impressions and possibly a live stream this weekend.