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Zack Zero Has Been Patched

Posted by on March 15th, 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags:

The team at Crocodile Entertainment has released a patch for Zack Zero. This patch is available now in Europe and should be hitting US PSN users soon. It seems that they have fixed some of the major issues people were having with the game, most notabilty the freezing issues when being logged into PSN.

Here is the full patch list:

  • Now you can slightly move the game camera with the right stick.
  • The Level Up screen doesn’t appear while you are playing. Press the SELECT button to access it.
  • Jump and double jump system improvements. Now it’s a lot easier to jump and use double jump.
  • Improved the ability to switch between background and foreground platforms.
  • Improved combat gameplay, now it’s easier to change between Zack’s forms and launch continuous attacks.
  • Adjusted Zack health and reduced some enemies damage, improving the combat gameplay.
  • Fixes for game levels to improve the gameplay in some parts.
  • Fix for freezing/crashing issues if you start a game while connected to PSN.
  • Fix for missing particle effects.

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[Source: ZackZero.com]