Zack Zero Is On Sale For A Limited Time, With An Awesome Discount

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Zack Zero surprised a bunch of us over here, and though we didn’t completely love it, we at least acknowledged that it was a solid chunk of fun. Since its release, the game has been patched, and a bunch of the “jank”, as Chris called it, has been cleared up, so I have no problem recommending people pick it up, or at least try out the demo for the game. Now, you all have even less of an excuse to give Zack Zero a go, as, in the developer’s words,’Starting on Tuesday March 27 and for 2 weeks, North American PSN users have the opportunity to try the demo and get the game for $8.99 (30% off) and PlayStation Plus members can get it for $6.29 (50% off).’ That’s a pretty hefty discount, especially for PS+ members, so If you have the cash, go for it and pick up the game for a killer price.

Can’t remember what Zack Zero looks like? Fine, here’s Chris playing through a chunk of the game;