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Eufloria Sprouts On PSN October 4th

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I would have made my headline ‘Eufloria Blooms on PSN October 4th”, but wouldn’t you know Nick Suttner over at the US PlayStation Blog has managed to beat me to the punch! Regardless you can all already gather that Omni-Labs’s strategic indie game Eufloria will be available early next month after previously being slated for a release in June. Some may already know this game from the PC version which has been on Steam for the last couple years. The version that will be out on PSN will have new units, new collectibles, enhanced graphics and, of course, controls optimized for the PS3.

Eufloria is a strategy game that takes a very relaxed approach to the usual genre tropes such as unit production, base expansion, and resource management. In an earlier post from Suttner regarding the game “I promise that you haven’t played anything like it on PSN before; cull together bits and pieces of flOw, Mushroom Wars and Everyday Shooter and you’re on the right track…but still quite a ways off.” I would also probably add a hint on PixelJunk Eden to those titles and would still probably not come close. To hear the developers tell the tale, Eufloria is a game where players control asteroids which they use to then produce units to take more territories and expand. It does this in the confines of a game that has very relaxed music and gameplay mechanics that don’t penalize you for small mistakes or lapses in judgment in the same way that some more hardcore RTS games do. In fact the earlier US PS Blog post has this blurb from the developers at Omni-Labs:

Eufloria PSN isn’t really like other games. It has strategic gameplay, but no technology trees or complicated interface. It allows for exploration and expansion without being punished for small mistakes. It offers challenges that are fun, but in a style that can be described as “ambient gameplay”. There is conquest but there are no space marines in sight (sic). Instead, all of Eufloria’s gameplay is based on growing your strategic and colonising life forms on asteroids that you conquer throughout the game. That is right: you are basically playing a game of intergalactic guerrilla gardening (sic). Oh, and you engage in massive battles against enemy plant life.

There’s no price for Eufloria listed yet, but I would imagine in the interest of parity between platforms you can probably expect this one to cost $15 (with a possible rumored discount for PlayStation Plus members). Moreover, Eufloria is one of the first games to benefit from the $20 million dollar Pub Fund which Sony had previously announced. You can also check out the trailer for the game below:

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