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Sony to Invest $20M for Exclusive Content on PSN

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Sony has announced that it is investing $20M to bring more exclusive games to PSN, according to a post on the US PlayStation Blog. The money is being used to spur first- and third- party development for the console, and is part of an on-going 3 year plan. The blog post also notes some of Sony’s successes such as the PixelJunk series, Joe Danger, and Critter Crunch. Brandon Stander, Director of Marketing for PSN, also states in the post that upcoming titles such as Eufloria, Okabu, and Papo & Yo have already benefitted from the move.

The post also goes on to state that this means that gamers will have access to more innovative and fun titles that will be exclusive to the console. Here’s hoping that’s true, especially because more games like the upcoming Papo & Yo wouldn’t be a terrible thing at all.

Source: US PlayStation Blog