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Dead Nation: Road of Devastation Details, Price, and Release Date Shamble Forth

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Some new details regarding the upcoming release of the Road of Devastation DLC for Dead Nation have begun to make their rounds. The announcement of the DLC pack for Dead Nation came as a surprise to many. All we were previously treated to were some scant story details about waking up in a lab having to make a choice about which road to travel. Now we’ve been given a solid release date, a price, and a description of what players can expect from the pack.

The Road of Devastation DLC will feature a new more adaptable AI which means that enemy groups will come back at you in greater numbers after previous encounters and will treat the player more aggressively in successive engagements. As if this tweak to the AI wasn’t bad enough, Housemarque has also stated that zombies will not be the only problem you’ll have to face as you traipse about in the post-apocalyptic world of DN this time around. How about killer plants? How about killer plant people?! Yes that’s right….zombie plants are another deadly addition to the game’s world as it appears that the ambient fronds may no longer be friendly.

Of course, Housemarque isn’t going to leave you completely to the wolves. Details regarding some of the weapons have been released. Some of the weapons being detailed include an industrial cutting saw for close quarters fighting, and electrified fencing for those really huge mobs. Heavy weapons are also teased, but not talked about in detail at this time. Still its nice to see that the developers taking the environmental traps idea to another level with the addition of fences. I just hope they don’t get rid of cars, because the obvious place to find money in a pinch is always the trunk.

So how much would you pay for this incredible package?! $100? $10,000? $1,000,000?! Actually it will just cost you $3.99 and will be available September 27th. In the meantime though feel free to treat yourselves to the new screenshots below for your viewing pleasure:

Source: US PlayStation Blog