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This Week On… US PSN Store (August 23rd 2011)

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Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition

Bringing the new generation of World Warriors to new consoles, Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition takes one of the deepest, most sophisticated fighting games of all time online with an arcade perfect re-creation.

Demo: Yes
Price: $14.99
Size: 620 MB
Rating: Teen

Hamilton’s Great Adventure

Take part in an amazing journey, guiding the splendiferous adventurer Ernest Hamilton and his brilliant bird Sasha as they co-operate to crack crafty conundrums and challenges!

Demo: Yes
Price: $9.99
Size: 420 MB
Rating: Everyone

Comix Zone

Sketch Turner is an artist in New York City. One day, Sketch is drawing and then there is a huge thunderstorm in the city. A bolt of lightning hits Sketch’s image, and soon Sketch finds himself in the comic book world! Now that he’s a comic book superhero, Sketch can kick some serious butt, and find a way to get out!

Demo: No
Price: $4.99
Size: 40 MB
Rating: Everyone

Fighting Fantasy: Talisman Of Death

The once peaceful world or Orb is in terrible danger. Dark forces are at work to unleash the awesome might of the Evil One. Your mission is to destroy the Talisman of Death before the dark lord’s minions reach you. But beware! Time is running out…

Price: $4.99
Size: 28 MB
Rating: Teen

Hysteria Project 2

Did you think you had survived the nightmare? You were wrong! In the wake of HYSTERIA PROJECT, which received a Milthon award in 2009 for its originality, HYSTERIA PROJECT 2 pushes the thrilling experience further, with much richer and more varied gameplay, and an even more oppressing atmosphere!

Price: $2.49
Size: 91 MB
Rating: Mature

Parasite Eve 2

Aya Brea returns. With a fully revamped battle-system, Parasite Eve 2 now takes place completely in real-time. With the enhanced graphics engine rendering every detail, the game’s backgrounds and characters are brought to life in shocking detail.

Price: $5.99
Size: 775 MB
Rating: Mature

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