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The Angry Birds are lying to you

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Update 2:

Rovio is working with Sony to give the new version to owners of Chillingo published version.

Editor’s note: That write up on the store currently is probably just the PS3 version’s text, which is in the works I believe.

Updated version played first, then older version.

Today on the store, a new version of Angry Birds was brought out for download, but you can’t update the version you previously bought on PSN to the new one. That’s because the old version was published by Chillingo, and this version has been brought out by Rovio, the creators of  Angry Birds, and they’re expecting people to pay $4 for what seems to be an update with some cool sounding new features. Except for the fact that the feature they’re touting, those being Facebook, Twitter and Leaderboards, presumably online ones at that, simply aren’t available on minis, and I highly doubt Rovio got an exception to this rule. The store description mentions none of the new levels the iOS version has recieved, and even retains the store icon from the previous version.

In addition to this, the images on the store are all from what seems to be the iOS version, with resolutions clearly in advance of what the PSP can produce. Either somebody from Rovio severely got things wrong, or we’re being fed a bunch of lies from them. We’re going to grab a copy of the game from the store and see if anything has changed, we’ll keep you guys posted either way.

Update: Your old saved games won’t work in the new version, which is annoying. However, the performance has been drastically improved in this new version, along with what might perhaps be some slightly snappier loading times, it was tricky to discern. However, the point stands that you are effectively paying for a patch, which certainly isn’t right. I couldn’t find any new content either, which only makes this worse.