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Rovio Working On Solution To Angry Birds PSN Problem

Posted by on July 20th, 2011 | 7 Comments | Tags: ,

Yesterday we posted a story about how the newly released version of Angry Birds on minis fixed some performance issues the older version had. The only catch being that users who purchased that older version, published by Chillingo, would have to repurchase the game if they wanted the fixes. We reached out to Rovio to get a comment on the problem and they were gracious enough to respond.

“We had an agreement with Chillingo to tweak some performance issues with the game and republish the game under our own label,” the PR rep said. Adding that, “We’re currently working together with Sony and trying to resolve how we can offer this as a free update to people who already purchased the game in PSN Store.”

The reason they couldn’t just replace the old version stems from the fact that they had a change of publishers. When Rovio picked up the publishing rights of their game, the older Chillingo published version was removed from the Store.

The description that was on the Store is in fact a mistake and Rovio are working with Sony to fix it as soon as possible. We will be sure to keep you updated when Rovio and Sony have some news for owners of the older version.