The Final Word On Angry Birds

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You may remember that a while back, there was a pretty big mess involving the minis version of Angry Birds. Rovio reclaimed the publishing rights, and as such put a new version on the store, feature a whole host of notable performance increases. Unfortunately, previous purchasers of the game weren’t able to download this new version, and were unfortunately stuck with their significantly worse version of the game. Rovio has updated us on the situation, and it appears that although it isn’t possible to offer the new version to previous purchasers, there is an arrangement in place for you poor unfortunate souls.

Ville Heijari, VP of Franchise Development for Rovio told us that;

…anyone who purchased the older version can contact PSN customer service directly. PSN customer service will check your account to verify the purchase, and provide you with a voucher to download the new version.

That seems a pretty clear cut way of getting around this whole mess, and you’ll receive your new version of Angry Birds by going through this process. For American customers, you can contact the PSN customer service at http://us.playstation.com/support/ask/. Just jump through the hoops, and you should be flinging small creatures at structures with a decent framerate before you know it.

  • Thank god they are doing this. I didn’t buy the game, but I felt like Sony was allowing people to be ripped off by this whole thing.

  • greg

    this isnt right i contacted sony they say no

  • Erik

    I just submitted my request to Sony about getting the updated version. Hope to hear back from them soon.

  • SnakeAce

    I just contacted Rovio last week and they said they had worked it out with Sony, so I wrote Sony and they said that this issue is beyond the scope of customer service and I’d have to call their corporate office long distance at my own expense to discuss the matter. I wrote to Rovio back in July about this and they never responded, at least they did this time even tho it led nowhere. I am hesitant to email them again and get rejected. Rovio claims it’s worked out, but it seems Sony is not aware of this.

    • SnakeAce

      By “hesitant to email them again” I meant Sony, not Rovio.

  • Vincenzo

    Do what I did in UK.
    Go to the PSN store
    Search for Angry Bird
    It will find the latest version
    Click download
    It will download the Rovio version
    No need to invovle Sony as when I called them they did not know anythign about it.

  • SnakeAce

    I don’t know how the UK works, but in North America you have to pay again to get the Rovio version. If I click to download it, it will charge me $4.

  • Bob

    Why can’t Rovio made the update automatic so PS mini players won’t get hassled? This is a problem that Chillingo and Rovio should talk about, but consumers are the ones suffering. I’m sure PSN got deeply affected by this conflict. And by the way, does anyone play Angry Birds on PS?

  • SnakeAce

    One guy on Neogaf got a voucher code from Sony via email. This inspired me to write to Sony again and I got this response:

    “I appreciate you writing to inquire on receiving the Angry Birds voucher. Please be aware, I have noted your PlayStation®Network account regarding your Angry Bird request. Please allow 7-10 business days as we are in the process of researching your voucher request. We will respond to you once we have completed this process via telephone or email.

    Thank you in advance for your patience and I am confident that you will receive a resolution in the allotted time specified.”

    This sounds like a more positive response than the original one, which I detailed above where they told me to call the corporate office on my own dime.

  • Subryu

    Does the update actually fix any problems? This is what I got from Sony “The update you are requesting for the game Angry Birds, is not a game update. It only changes the developers name from Chillingo to Rovio. This change does not affect the game itself. Again, please be aware this is not a game update.”

  • I just got the exact same response as Subryu — so either all those people saying the newer version has significant improvements are wrong, or Sony and Rovio are screwing over their customers.

  • SnakeAce

    Rovio themselves said they took over publishing duties on the game to fix performance issues in the Chillingo version. Pass this on to the Sony rep who told you there’s no improvement.

    ““We had an agreement with Chillingo to tweak some performance issues with the game and republish the game under our own label,” the PR rep said. “We’re currently working together with Sony and trying to resolve how we can offer this as a free update to people who already purchased the game in PSN Store.”


  • DXZeke

    I had no problems when I filled out the request online via sony’s website.

    First I logged into playstation with my account. Then on the support page i picked, Playstation Network and then games. Then I put in that I had read online that Rovio and Sony had said that they would allow users that had bought the Chillingo Version to download the Rovio version with a voucher code. I got an email back 24hrs later with the voucher.

    It really sucks that a few of you are having problems. I’d contact them again.

  • Subryu

    I now have both versions and I am not seeing a noticeable difference in performance, at least in the first 20 or so levels. I also had the “new” version of the game freeze and require a hard reset upon resuming from the pause feature on the PSPgo. Maybe Sony was right…

  • SnakeAce

    So I emailed Sony last week and relayed their response above. Tonight they emailed me the voucher code, and I successfully redeemed it!

    • Subryu

      SnakeAce, have you noticed a performance difference yet? My new version seems to be about as buggy as the old version.

  • Erik

    I too, just received the email back from Sony with my voucher code and can confirm that there are still performance issues when playing on both my PSP-2000 and PSPgo. The good thing though, they fixed the freezing issues the PSP would encounter after waking the console from being asleep. Instead of freezing now you get an 800x error and immediately resumes play.

  • David

    Made a request for the code and I got it the next day. And yes, the new version seems just as buggy as the old one.

  • huicho619

    Do they still do this. Please respond.
    Oh, and by the way, Angry Birds is not in the European PSN store anymore.