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Fighting Fantasy Rolling onto PSN August 2011

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There’s a release date for Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death. It’s August 17th in Europe and August 16th in North America.

No price has been announced yet, but it’s a minis title, so expect to drop around $3-5 on this one. To be honest, I’m not sure what Fighting Fantasy is all about, but it looks like you could whip out your graph paper and have a great time with this one. To be fair, the dice rolling physics look solid. It’s a PSN exclusive, too, so that’s something. Who knows, maybe it’ll make our list next time.

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Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death brings the original 16m selling series of Fantasy Role-Playing Gamebooks to PSN for the first time!

The once peaceful world or Orb is in terrible danger. Dark forces are at work to unleash the awesome might of the Evil One. Your mission is to destroy the Talisman of Death before the dark lord’s minions reach you. But beware! Time is running out…

This PSN-exclusive version of Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death also features a Tarot Card character generation system, and the classic dice-rolling rule set you know and love, with optional all-new Battle and Test Your Luck systems for bold adventurers to explore.

The intuitive Inventory system and an all-new Log Book help you easily track your progress through Orb’s magical world, make this the perfect way to relive this classic series.

Go forth, brave adventurer!

I know I kid like a champ, but I’ve got to be honest when I say this game does pique my interest. I just don’t know why.