PSNStores Top 25 PSN Exclusives

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25. Blue Toad Murder Files

SHARPISH! This series of 6 episodes is a unique experience you’re only going to find on PSN.  Witty dialogue (all voiced by the same guy) combined with wonky brainteasers make this a surprisingly fun party game.  Give it a spin and see if you end up in my good book.  Just don’t irritate Lady Snobbish too much.


24. Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

You’re not going to find many PSN only titles with production values like this. Cut down your classic Ratchet and Clank experience into a bite size four hour excursion and inject a heavy dose of extra platforming and this is what you get. It’s a beautiful game (and more difficult than usual) that still holds on to the humorous tone of the Ratchet and Clank series.


23. Tales From Space: About A Blob

About A Blob is everything that I love about PSN. Indie dev goes out and makes a kick ass physics platformer and Sony lets it aboard with open arms. One part Katamari, eating objects in the level makes you grow, with a dash of Mario, excellent platforming, and a few sprinkles of Dexter’s Lab, visual style for days, makes this a must have title to your PlayStation collection.


22. Noby Noby Boy

From the designer of Katamari Damacy comes Noby Noby Boy. It is damn hard to explain this title other than “experimental.” Watch some footage and get an idea for yourself, because I don’t think that we even know what it’s about, but we sure as hell love it. For five bucks it’s a steal and a huuuuge time sink for you and a buddy.

21. Spelunker HD

I’ve spent over 75 hours of my life playing Spelunker HD (so far). I’ve dodged a veritable ton of bat dung, collected all 100 mural pieces 11 times over, and reached the number one ranking on the US Top Scores leaderboard. I’ve since dropped to number two, but if you listen to the podcast you’ll know that I’m cooking up a comeback and a half utilizing my patented JP strats. Spelunker HD is retro platforming decanted over cubes of difficulty, shaken up, and poured into a highball glass. At $9.99, Spelunker HD is a tasty beverage. Here’s hoping Spelunker Black makes its way to the Western market.


  • boingball

    Lol, I own 19 games from IGN’s list and 19 games from PSNStores list. Don’t know which one is better (though I have to say a game is not “better” than another if it is exclusive).

    • Eric G

      True, it’s not necessarily better if it’s exclusive. We just wanted to highlight some of the reasons why we love the PlayStation Network especially. All platforms have their gems; we just think the PSN’s collection is extra shiny!

    • HJB

      Being exclusive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better, but exclusives tend to be of superior quality, so if you’re saying a game can’t be better if it’s exclusive then I strongly disagree with you.

  • meta

    Wait, what, Critter Crunch over Flower? Is button mashing more important to the author than art and atmosphere?

  • shagg187

    Critter Crunch is not button mashing. Nevertheless, great list!

  • Explodemon isn’t exclusive for PSN… However it’s a great list, but I never found Pixeljunk Monster to be that fun; and where is Trine!? That game should easily take 1st place according to me, although it has been released on PC, but not any other console.

    • Eric G

      What else is Explodemon! on? I’m not aware of any other platform.

    • boingball

      Hey, Pixeljunk Monster is great! The PSP version is the version to get though.

  • Mechdevil

    Why isn’t Wipeout HD first??? It’s too amazing to be sitting at 5, it should at least be in the top 3

  • brewer

    Pretty good list with a lot of my favorites up there (SSHD, Wipeout HD, Critter Crunch, Flower and Shatter).

    Kind of disappointed that Siren Blood Curse didn’t make the cut, its on of the best horror game I played this gen, good crazy story that scarred the shit out of me multiple times while playing. I think Sony really messed up not promoting that game more.

  • George

    Great list. I have 17 of the 25. Now I wonder what the list would be if it were not limited to PlayStation exclusives.

    • Eric G

      INC MULTIPLATFORM LIST. Lol, we actually conjured up a multiplatform list that will be released in the near future. Thanks for checking it out!

    • boingball

      Looking forward to that list:-)

  • Chris Cobb

    Wow I’m surprised I agree with this list even less than the IGN one. Though this one does include more PixelJunk, which I approve of.

    I still can’t believe that both lists are lacking Clash of Heroes. Absolutely criminal.

  • Chris Cobb

    I know this list is supposed to be PSN exclusive, but there are a least a few exceptions. CoH should be one of them.

    • We have that on our Multiplatform list don’t worry 🙂

    • Eric G

      “So after writing down every PSN exclusive (I consider games not on Xbox 360 as exclusive)”
      CoH is Capy’s first XBLA game. No other game on this list is on XBLA. Thanks for stopping by, though.

  • doa766

    Siren is better than every game on that list

    • Sadly I don’t think anyone here is a huge survival horror fan. So none of us have played it. I hear good things though

  • 413x

    Hmm where is StarDrone!

  • Great job.

  • Wow I haven’t actually played most of the titles on the list. HOARD is on PC, too. But sadly without the local multiplayer.

  • Buttelli

    Shatter in sixth? ARE YOU F#CKING KIDDIN ME?!