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PSNStores Top 25 PSN Exclusives

Posted by on June 21st, 2011 | 23 Comments | Tags: ,

10. Gravity Crash

A game that’s made to be played loud, Gravity Crash is arresting from the get-go, with challenging gunplay and a momentum mechanic that harkens back to the days where precision was a necessity. What’s more, the game comes with a full level creation suite, meaning the possibilities for content are nearly limitless. Did I mention that it’s also gorgeous, and has four person multiplayer? Yeah, it’s really quite something.


09. Slam Bolt Scrappers

Have you ever wondered why you’re tasked to get rid of lines in Tetris? Why not build them up? And what’s with lines, anyways? Wouldn’t it be cooler to form squares that annihilate other players’ blocks? Much of Slam Bolt Scrappers’s appeal comes from the fact that as unoriginal as it may look on the surface, the game is utterly unique. You fly your avatar around the screen and beat up baddies who drop different colored blocks. Collect those blocks, rotate them to your hearts desire, and drop them onto your tower to make 2x2s, 4x4s, and bigger like-colored squares. Your turrets fire at your opponents’ towers, and you win a match when yours is the last tower standing. There’s a lot of stuff going on at once, but if you’re any good at playing video games, you’ll take to this gem of a title as I did the moment I first laid eyes on it.


08. PixelJunk Monsters

Do you have a younger sibling or significant other (wow I hate that term) that isn’t really in to games. PixelJunk Monsters might be that gateway drug you are looking for. Easy to handle controls, cute visuals, and a happy soundtrack make this title easily approachable. Co-op in Monsters, or the Walking Game as someone I know calls it, is a huge selling point, having a lesser experienced player tending to towers while you plan for the oncoming onslaught. But don’t make you think that it is all sunshine and lollipops. Trying to get rainbows, perfects, on each stage is tough even on the most casual setting. But that is what makes the game so great. Once you figure out the correct strategy you feel like a Tiki God. Dance your towers to gold and pick this one up. The PSP version even has online multiplayer!


07. Hoard

Hoard is a score attack game wherein you manage the intricate ecosystems created on each map. The main objective is to destroy things, collect the gold that said ‘things’ drop, and return to your base to unload your bounty. What’s fascinating about the game is how utterly intertwined everything is and how differently it can be played according to what strategy you employ. Wagons full of gold emerge from windmills and aid in developing towns, which in turn send carts of gold to help grow other towns. Castles send princesses to towns, but they also pump out knights whose sole objective is to slay you and protect their damsels. You’re a dragon, by the way. Did I not mention that until now? A wide variety of mixed multiplayer modes and a plethora of overall content makes this a must have PSN game; truly one of the best I’ve played.


06. Shatter

Turning what is old into what is new seems to happen a lot in game development. What Sidhe did with Shatter is hardly recycling the old Arkanoid formula though. First you add killer music, check out the soundtrack on PSN if you haven’t already—Amethyst Caverns is godlike and it is what I am listening to right now. Then you have the good old suck and blow mechanic, which will help you get out of a tough spot. You want bosses? Shatter has those a plenty, there is even a boss rush mode for the bad dudes out there. Hopefully Sidhe gives us the multiplayer modes that are present in the Steam version, I will beg if need be.