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Wrecked: Revenge Revisited Racing for Release this Summer

Posted by on May 20th, 2011 | 0 Comments | Tags: , ,

Remember Mashed? No? Neither do I, but apparently the game was a huge success when it released in the UK back in 2004. The game was developed by Supersonic Software. Supersonic is sticking to their multiplayer vehicular combat guns and releasing a spiritual successor. Wrecked: Revenge Revisited will be released on the XBLA and PSN this summer.

Check out the trailer:

The game supports 4-player online and offline multiplayer. I’m not sure how the offline works since the trailer shows no splitscreen action. I think I spotted a flaming horizontal bar bringing up the rear somewhere in there; perhaps that keeps everyone on the screen at once. With 14 different weapons and 24 solo challenge missions, the game looks pretty damned fun. Look for more info soon.

Anyone play Drive to Survive on PS2? This guy did, and he wasn’t very happy about it.