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Free Realms Now Available on PSN!

Posted by on March 29th, 2011 | 4 Comments | Tags: ,

Rejoice, for the cutesy, cuddly, free-to-play MMO from Sony Online Entertainment has made its way onto your PS3. It’s a free download, which means everyone should download it and check it out. Well, most everyone.

The game includes fun minigames, “robust player housing system,” and adventure exploration up the wazoo. The PS3 version of the game adds voice chat and trophies. Other features include 15 jobs, a whole lot of minigames, boss battles, and the ability to easily link up with friends.

If you decide to keep a closed-wallet, you’re still given access to over 800 quests and the ability to take each job through to level four. Want to level up (spend money)? Becoming a Member will open up 400 additional quests and the ability to level all jobs up to 20. Memberships are offered in terms of one month ($4.99), three months ($12.99), six months ($24.50), and lifetime ($34.99). Both members and non-members can purchase items and wearables through micro-transactions.

Of course, one of the game’s main draws is its family-friendly nature. If you have a young’n or so about the house and you’re looking for something to keep him busy, Free Realms may be worth checking out.

New Free Realms trailer, I choose you!

I can’t lie, those mounts look pretty freakin’ sweet. If I were 13 I’d probably dig this.