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Acceleration of Suguri X Edition Strikes PSN Today

Posted by on February 15th, 2011 | 1 Comment | Tags: , ,

The ongoing collaboration between Sony Online Entertainment and Rockin’ Android is releasing yet another Doujin (read: Indie) game to the PlayStation Network. This time it is Acceleration of Suguri X Edition, “the ultimate in anime-style robot-fighting.” Think of it as a sort of bullethell fighting game.

I am sure those screens better explain it. For the price of $5.99 you will be getting a ton of content by the looks of this spec sheet:

  • Three gun-slinging Arcade Modes
  • Three pulse-pounding Versus Modes
  • 11 rendered environments for battle
  • Seven engaging anime-style characters
  • Local and online leaderboards
  • 14 PlayStation Network trophies
  • Downloadable extras including cute but deadly avatars, an AoSXE theme and exclusive wallpaper, and an exclusive soundtrack for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system

The game… plus soundtrack, avatars and a theme for $5.99 seems like a steal. There are minis that are more expensive than this. So check out the US PlayStation store later today to grab a copy.