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Enter Free Realms on March 29th

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Its been a long time coming, but at last Free Realms, SOE’s free to play MMO has a launch date on PSN. The game will officially launch on March 29th, and will of course be a free download from the store. Free Realms’ launch is relatively significant, as it marks the first free to play MMO to ever hit consoles. The game is aimed at a younger audience, with a far more whimsical nature and a vast collection of minigames to keep the young ones occupied.

Of course, if everything in Free Realms was free, then the game certainly wouldn’t be profitable in the slightest. There are two tiers of membership, with free members able to take each “job” to level 4, while paid members can move all the way up to level 20. There are also a host of micro-transactions, so that you can customise your avatar in just the way you want. Here’s a trailer for the game, just so that you know exactly what you’re going to be getting in to. Be warned, it contains scenes of a condescending nature.