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Most Anticipated of 2011 – Might and Magic Clash of Heroes HD

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Do you own a PS3? Do you frequently check the PlayStation Network Store for hot new releases? How about for Call of Duty map packs? Is it the year 2011? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to know about some of the upcoming PSN titles that will blow your mind out in a car (with exxxtreme enjoyment). We, the editors at PSNStores.com, know about said titles. Here’s one of them:

Might and Magic Clash of Heroes HD

Capybara Games and PSNStores have a history. Their first PSN game, Critter Crunch, was the first game ever reviewed by the site. Between the beautiful hand-drawn hi-res visuals and the compelling puzzle gameplay, Critter Crunch was a hit not soon forgotten. It certainly added the term “barfing rainbows” to my lexicon. Capy’s been poised since March of 2010 to bring their next gorgeous game to the Playstation Network; it was originally expected to be released last summer, but here we are, anticipating it all the more for 2011.

Clash of Heroes HD is more than just a port of the 2009 DS game (also by Capy). The visuals have been completely redone, not only to bring them into HD but also to make them just plain better. For example, the original DS units were portrayed as chibi-esque caricatures, whereas in Clash of Heroes HD they have more realistic proportions. The multiplayer is also being expanded to incorporate up to four players, with both competitive and co-operative modes.

The Might and Magic series is actually an venerable RPG franchise with its roots in the PC. While Clash of Heroes HD plays unlike any other game in that series, it does incorporate setting and story elements that may be familiar to experienced gamers. Taking place 40 years before Heroes of Might and Magic V, the game features five different heroes with their own quests to accomplish. Despite it’s link to a classic franchise, the gameplay is fresh; IGN described it as “Puzzle Quest’s hotter, younger sister.”

We still don’t have a firm release date for this one, so keep your eyes glued to the site for an update. Also, since Capybara Games is right in my own backyard, you can bet we’re working to get a hands-on preview for you all. In the meantime, enjoy these new screens: they’re from the XBLA version, but they still look damn pretty. There are more available on Capy’s website.