Alundra & Arc the Lad Get Dated

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Victor Ireland, President of the now defunct PSone localization power-house Working Designs, just announced that both Alundra and Arc the Lad will be up for sale on US PSN next week. Both games will come in at the usual price point of $5.99.

The games have been ESRB rated for close to a month, so it is great to see them finally getting released.

Mr. Ireland also stated that if these sell well enough that, “There are others in the pipeline behind these”. I am full of excite with this news, Lunar please (with that awesome battle pong mode that was on the making of disc!)

[Source: NeoGAF]

  • I like how Vic apologises to Europe – who wants the slow PAL version anyway? As a Working Designs fan who lives in Europe, I imported all their games anyway. And I will do the same with this, on my US PSN account. Don’t worry about Europe and the shoddy PAL conversions, just focus on the US side of things and I’ll ebay myself a US PSN card.

    As for other games, I realise it’s unlikely, but I’d love to see pre-PS1 WD games on PSN. LIke Popful Mail. The Japanese PSN store has PC-Engine CD-ROM games, and NeoGeo games are planned for the future, so I don’t see why Sega CD games couldn’t go up.

    They’d need to make a deal with Sega and Falcom, of course, which probably makes it more effort than it’s worth, but hey, at least I got to name drop Popful Mail in this comment.

  • Double posting because how could I forget:
    WD also published Exile on the Turbo Duo! Which I wrote a detailed feature on, with interview quotes from Mr Ireland.


    If the Japanese store already has PC-Engine games by various companies, then TurboGrafx 16/Turbo Duo titles seems perfectly feasible.

    If only Sega Saturn emulation were easier – we could then get their entire back catalogue up.