50 States – 50 Codes Giveaway (Coconut Dodge)

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Codes have been emailed

So you have read about it on the site all week… now the time has come. First person to post (make sure to mention the state you are in so I can verify) from each state, along with DC and Puerto Rico, will get a code for the awesome Mini title Coconut Dodge. Make sure you are using your real email address, otherwise you won’t get your code.

So like I stated before if we don’t giveaway all the codes by Friday, I will start asking trivia questions on Twitter about the missing states. At this point, after Friday, the competition is no longer restricted to US residents.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

(If you don’t see your comment, don’t worry it is in the moderation queue!)

Thanks for playing!

  • Rockgamer

    I doubt I’ll win, but it’s worth a shot. C’mon Texas!

  • Nick

    Manhattan NYC! Yay thanks!

  • Jake Boss

    In to win! Reppin’ MN!

    • Jake Boss

      OK, it doesn’t say awaiting moderation any more. I was worried I was doing something wrong.

    • It is all good. 🙂

  • April N

    Michigan FTW!

  • Alex


  • Tom

    Tom from Utah!! I want to win!

  • manobon


  • EVaz18

    do want! MA

  • Astrodude

    Thanks for the contest guys!

  • japanmonte

    plz win
    com on mass hope i win

  • Alan

    we love coconuts here in NJ 🙂

  • grizbo

    Kentucky, thanks for the contest!

  • Kitheras

    I hope I win – california

  • xinoart

    I’m in Texas! I think I got beaten though 🙁

  • Killthee


  • Tenchi00

    Hey from WI

    • Tenchi00

      If my IP shows Louisville, KY that’s where my company HQ is.

  • Grouken

    Puerto Rico

  • chun lau

    new york

  • Bob


  • zenprime

    Washington State ya’ll!

  • jimmy

    cross my fingers! CALIFORNIA HERE!

    • jimmy

      sucks i didn’t win! but it was worth a shot. Thanks . I’ll try to win next time

  • Grouken

    Thanks for the contest and for adding PR to be part of it.

  • Lucas Hersh


  • PeraPEraPenguin

    California 🙂

  • PeraPEraPenguin


    • lol nice try 😉

    • PeraPEraPenguin

      lol 🙁 cant i pick any? lol oh well -_-

    • Yea you have to live there 😛