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Last Week’s Update

PlayStation Plus

Critter Crunch [PS3] (Free)
Syphon Filter [PSone] (Free)
Kahoots [Minis] (Free)

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped ($3.00)
Super Street Fighter IV PSN Avatar Bundle ($4.99) (36 avatars)

Price Updates

Price Drops
MLB 2K10 PSP ($19.99)
Silent Hill Origins ($9.99)

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo ($4.99)
Section 8 ($9.99)
Blast Factor ($4.99)
Blast Factor Advanced Research ($2.49)
Blast Factor Multiplayer Pack ($1.49)


Flower (704 MB)
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (1416 MB)
Madden NFL 11 (1704 MB)
Section 8 (3629 MB)


Blast Factor Bundle (Full-game and Add-ons) ($6.49)

Piyotama ($4.99)

A Bug’s Life ($5.99)
Disney’s Hercules ($5.99)
The Emperor’s New Groove ($5.99)
Toy Story Racer ($5.99)


BUZZ Quiz World (PSP)
Celebrities Quiz Pack ($2.99)

Guitar Hero
Shinedown Track Pack ($5.49 or $1.99 each)
• “Devour”
• “Second Chance”
• “Sound of Madness”

Lost Planet 2
Rush Arena ($2.99)

Pinball Abusement Park ($1.99)

Rock Band
Avenged Sevenfold Pack 01 ($5.49 or $1.99 each)
• “Nightmare”
• “Scream”
• “Seize the Day”

Juanes Pack 01 ($9.99 or $1.99 each)
• “A Dios le Pido”
• “Fíjate Bien”
• “Gotas de Agua Dulce”
• “La Camisa Negra”
• “Mala Gente”
• “Yerbatero”

Rock Band Network ($1.99 or $0.99 each)
• “Goth Girls” by MC Frontalot
• “Higher” by Creed
• “River of Tuoni” by Amberian Dawn
• “Tastes Like Kevin Bacon” by iwrestledabearonce
• “Walls” by All Time Low

Skate 3
After Dark Pack ($4.99) [In-game only]

Super Street Fighter IV
Super Complete Costume Pack ($17.99)

Transformers: War for Cybertron
Map & Character Pack #1 ($9.99)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
Blue Monster at Doral ($4.99)
Carolinas Pack ($6.99)
Championship Pack ($4.99)
International Pack ($4.99)
North America Pack ($4.99)
The Predator ($4.99)

Trinity Universe
Mightiest Meteorite Pack ($1.99)

Zen Pinball
Mars Table ($2.49)


Crysis 2
Marine Salvage Trailer

DC Universe Online
CG Cinematic Trailer

Family Feud

Naughty Bear
Episode 8 Trailer

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

PSP Launch Trailer

Skate 3
Danny Way Trailer

Avatars Themes Wallpapers

PS3 Avatars
Flower Avatar ($0.49)
Super Street Fighter IV Avatars ($0.49) (x5)
UNCHARTED 2 Avatars ($1.25 or $0.49 each) (x8)

PS3 Dynamic Themes
Clash Of The Titans Dynamic Theme (US Only) ($2.99)
Shark Week Dynamic Theme (US Only) ($3.99)

PS3 Themes
Sexy Theme ($0.99)
Bikini Theme ($1.99)
Destination Theme ($1.99)

PS3 Wallpapers
Fat Princess Fat Roles Wallpaper 4

PSP Themes
Terran 3020 PSP Theme 3 ($1.49)
Terran 3020 PSP Theme 4 ($1.49)
Clash Of The Titans PSP Theme (US Only) ($1.49)


    What time does this store update?

  • Rakis

    It updates whenever someone who has no time/resource management skills at Sony thinks we deserve it. 🙁

    It’s sad that a multi-national billion plus dollar company can’t refresh a listing of items for sale on a webpage at a set time each week in over 3 1/2 years.

    I feel sorry for developers and PSPGo owners.

  • DeadSpider

    Was really looking forward to getting Critter Crunch, Kahoots, and also the Section 8 demo this morning after I got home from work but instead I was greeted with YLOD #3 *sigh*