US PSN Updates Move To Tuesdays

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Starting this May, the 4th to be exact, the US PlayStation Store will be updated on Tuesdays. The news was dropped in the April 15th Edition of Pulse. We heard rumblings that the EU store would be moving to Wednesdays, but I am fine with Tuesdays here in the USA.

[Source: Pulse 4/15 Edition]

  • Scott

    Awesome! Now we can be disappointed 2 whole days earlier!

  • V_Ben

    Hmm. Tuesdays in the US, and Wednesdays in the EU? that could get interesting :-/

  • I thought it was going to be Wed. Tuesday is even better.

  • Carl

    So what’s the point in making it so EU and U are updated on a different day? Seems rather backward to me.

  • name

    wait so the US will be getting content before the EU for good now?
    sony again giving the middle finger to Europe, and treating the US like freaking royalty!
    great way to say thank you to your fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • McMacMcMac MC

    The purpose of updating the store in the EU on a Wednesday is to ensure that non-exclusive games are released on PSN the same day and date as XBL. PS3 sales are quite far behind X360 sales in the USA, so sneaking out PSN releases a day earlier than on XBL in the US may see people with a PS3 + X360 purchase the PSN copy.