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The Great ESRB Mystery Solved: “Minis” in Japan

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15 titles were rated by the ESRB last weekend, and many had no clue what they were. Some were spreading rumors about “touchscreen” PSPs, as one of the titles involves touching a PSP screen. Well they couldn’t have been more than wrong. All the games are Minis titles, like I suggested, but the catch is that they are only playable on PSP.

They are all part of the first wave of titles that will be coming to Japan via the Monthly Zakuzaku Campaign. These games, three of which were released this week in the US as minis, will be ¥300 yen each and will fall into three different categories: Feel for Two, Part Time Job Hell 2000 (Work Time Fun), and Retro Futures.

Check out the video above to see all of the games in motion.

[Source: Japanese PSN and andriasang.com]