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ESRB Watch: New SCE Minis?

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A laundry list of PSP titles were rated by the ESRB today. Judging by the descriptions they sound like minis titles, but currently they are only rated for the PSP. Here is the full list.

Busy Sweets Factory

This is an activity game in which players decorate sweets cakes, slices of pie, and ice cream as they appear on a conveyor belt. Players add as much frosting, whipped cream, and other decorations as possible to score the highest points.

Charge! Tank Squad

This is an arcade-style shooter game in which players move tanks and helicopters across a grid to intercept and destroy enemy forces. Players can fire small ball-shaped, colored missiles and rockets at the enemies to clear the grid. This results in frequent fiery blasts and explosions, and occasional helicopter crashes.

Finger Connection

This is a multiplayer party game in which players spin a wheel that tells them to place their fingers on colored spots on a board. Players lose if their hands become too twisted to place their finger on the chosen spot.

Homerun Hitters

This is a sports game in which players can compete in games of tabletop baseball. Players pitch and hit the ball, causing it to land in various openings on the board that represent singles, home runs, and outs.

Love Cupid

This is an action game in which players shoot arrows at floating hearts in the sky. As hearts are captured, players help bring love to a series of boy-girl couples. There are also scattered eyeball-shaped creatures that players can hit with the arrows, causing them to pop and disappear.

Music Quiz

This is a trivia game in which players are asked to identify musical sounds. Questions can involve recognizing which instrument, musical note, or chord is being played.

One Two Boat Racing

This is a racing game in which players paddle a boat to reach a finish line. Players must evade obstacles as they alternate between paddling left and right to gain maximum speed.

Pile Up Bakery

This is a puzzle game in which players compete to stack the highest pile of falling pastries, cakes, and slices of fruit onto a platform. Players must properly balance the stack to prevent it from falling down.

Pinball Duel

In this pinball-style game, two players take control of each side of a double-ended pinball table. Players use flippers to send pinballs back and forth, aiming them at the opponent’s goal.

Ramen Heaven

This is puzzle game in which players compete to gather the most amount of floating oil into a spoon inside a bowl of Ramen soup. Players must carefully move the oil while avoiding other ingredients which can cause oil bubbles to break apart into the soup.

Quiz Animania

This is a trivia game in which players are asked to identify animals based on various obscured pictures. Some questions are accompanied by can blurry pictures of animals, zoomed-in views of ears or horns, and pictures that flash on the screen for just a second.

Sheep Defense

This is an action game in which players help sheepdogs defend a flock of sheep from wolves and bears that try to run off with the sheep. The dogs move around the flock and bark at the animals to turn them away. If the dogs are unsuccessful, they can get hit and stunned as the wolves/bears capture the sheep.


This is a board game in which players compete in games of Shogi, also known as Japanese Chess. The game features Japanese scenery and props, traditional Shogi game pieces, and Asian-themed sound effects.

Sweet Reversi

This is a Reversi game in which players use macaroon cookies instead of traditional game pieces. Matches are won when all the spots are filled and one player’s macaroons dominate the board.


This is a racing game in which players help a sea otter swim toward a goal while avoiding a pursuing killer whale. Along the way, players collect shellfish to recover stamina, dive to avoid obstacles, and throw shells to slow down the whale. If the whale catches up to and swallows an otter, a “cartoony” otter-angel floats above the water.

Which is these titles would you probably pick up?

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