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New Minis By Laughing Jackal

Posted by on March 22nd, 2010 | 0 Comments | Tags: , , , ,

Having already released Cubixx, not in the US yet sadly, Laughing Jackal has two more minis in the pipeline.

The first is Pulse, which is a rhythm game. From the screens it sorta looks like Elite Beat Agents.

Welcome to a brand new era of rhythm! Let Pulse take you on a heart-pounding, button-bashing journey through a huge variety of music tracks. Your accuracy, timing and finger speed will be taken to the limit in this unique test of rhythm. Follow the pattern of music and chase the big combos and high scores! Amaze yourself by beating all the difficulty levels which will push your fingers to breaking point! Do you have what it takes to become number one?”

Next up we have Stellar Attack, it looks to be a top-down shooter. There are also some puzzle elements thrown in.

Stellar Attack expertly blends old-school deep space shoot-em-up action with classic puzzle gameplay. Use your skill and reflexes to destroy chains of coloured orbs and deadly gun turrets.

Eliminate orbs with your coloured lasers to expose the turrets and blow them out of orbit, but avoid the homing missiles and cannon fire that threaten your fragile ship. One missed laser could break your combo in this classic score-chasing action-puzzle game!

There will be some trailers soon, and I will post them as soon as they are released.