Contest: Win A Copy Of Kahoots

Posted by on December 8th, 2009 | 21 Comments | Tags: ,

Update: Brewer won the copy from his post in the NHL Arcade thread!

The fine folks across the pond over at Honeyslug gave me an extra code for Kahoots on minis. And I happen to be in the giving mood.

This time we will be doing things a little different. I will pick a random post from the week and choose a random comment from it. I want the comments to be on topic too, if you get picked and I deem the post as “spam” I will pick another.

I am flying cross-country tomorrow, so expect a review for Kahoots up after I land 🙂
The winner will be announced the day after the new PS3 firmware goes up… you know the one that let’s you play minis on PS3.

  • Sam

    Saw your youtube video and the game looks almost like braid with a mix of lbp in it, very nice! sounds like a game that i would enjoy playing, would def love if I won a copy of this game.

  • veronica sato

    the game looks really fun, i wish i could get a copy of it

  • DBH

    I’m really excited about the Minis coming to PS3. I just hope they look good on the big screen. Kahoots looks like an interesting puzzler, BTW.

  • ….so is this game like a puzzle platformer?

  • JeremyR

    I believe it’s sort of like Lemmings

  • Goldrusher

    I wonder what they’ll look like on the PS3.

  • Hey, the game looks pretty cool and wacky. Good luck to everyone on the draw.

  • Killquick

    This is a big step for psp & ps3 with this new addon which will put the playtime for many people over the roof with even more playtime to the next gen system. I am looking forward to this update because I’m a portable gamer and love most of all the minis that are now available, this new mini game looks very challenging and I would love to have it, so can I be put down for entry into the contest also. Good luck to everyone who enters.

  • Mardil

    I love that we can now play PSP Minis on PS3s and would very much appreciate the code!

  • Svjetlohodni

    Pick me! Pick me! Me! Me! Me! 🙂
    Finally something free and useful from Sony! I wish they add support for files larger than 4GB.

  • River_Dog

    I’m excited about minis coming to PS3. Should help create incentive for more developers to jump on board with the program. Plus, I love games a can play on both my PS3 and PSP Go.

  • hmecey

    I guess this means we will be able to play Pac Man Championship Edition on the ps3 after all. Awesome!!

    • JeremyR

      Maybe, maybe not. Some of the games that were supposed to be minis, actually turned out to be regular PSN titles. Hudson’s Creature Defense and Squenix’s TD game.

  • andrew

    it looks a bit like lemmings with a funny mouse lol

  • Gustavo

    Looks like a great game. If I win the copy, great. If not, probably gonna buy it for the psp.

  • Chris

    This looks like a fun game…reminds a little bit of LBP for some reason. Hopefully I’ll win the draw, if not I’ll probably get this down the road (tight budget at the moment :p )

  • Dale Ambrosius

    Looks like Little Big Planet crossed with Echochrome’s gameplay in 2D, with just a dash of ’70s British children’s TV style. God, that takes me back. Bagpuss, eh? Play School, eh? They just don’t make ’em like that anymore.

    …I feel so old right now.

    Well, at least it’s not another dreadful tower defense game (Crystal Defenders was enough, thanks), and for that it should be applauded. Good stuff, hope it does well for you lads.

  • lightningsiax

    Hey just lookin 4 the kahoots review n I saw this

  • Amn

    The first thing I do after the Thursday PSN updates is check out the new minis. I’ve eyed Kahoots, but haven’t jumped on it yet. I definitely suggest Blast Off though, it’s what minis should be, and it’s only $2.99.

  • Brad

    I’m not even sure what PS3 minis are but I am definately going to check them out once the store is updated.

  • Hehe I won. Just wanted to say thanks a million for the free mini, I look forward to trying it out tonight.