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Review: Numblast

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Developer: JapanStudio
Release Date: November 5th, 2009
Price: $4.99
Demo: Yes (On The European Store)
Players: 1

What I liked:

  • Interesting combo puzzle game that’s unique and can be addicting in the “just one more time” type of way.
  • A nice amount of content for $5.
  • Custom soundtrack support.
  • The ability to have English or the original Japanese dub for the voice-overs.
  • A thorough manual as well as a visual demo to show you exactly how to play the game.
  • The fact that this weird little game made it to the NA shores at all.
  • Online leaderboards for nearly all modes.

What I disliked:

  • Basic combos require the player to do the exact same thing and it almost feels a bit linear for a puzzle game.
  • The added variety (black blocks, special blocks, etc.) doesn’t really spice up the gameplay upon their appearance.
  • Bland and dreary animated visual style, especially after playing the super-stylized Critter Crunch.
  • Not much meat at the core to sustain more than an hour of gameplay at a time.

While I do enjoy puzzle games, Numblast was never as fun to play as, say, Critter Crunch or some of the other puzzle greats like Lumines. Part of that I think has to do with the visual style, and another part has to do with the gameplay that just isn’t all that inviting for the user to experiment with — it’s chain chain chain, all the way around the board, then wait for the board to refill, then it’s back to chainin’ again. It’s easy to recommend this to hardcore puzzle fans, who will get exactly their five dollars worth and not a penny more, but others should pass on it in favor of better puzzle games on PSN.

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This game was purchased for review purposes.