Win a Copy of Shatter

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We recently reviewed the PSN game Shatter, and the developers were kind enough to give us some product vouchers for the game. Each voucher is good for a copy of Shatter from the United States Playstation Store.

There are 2 ways to win:

1. Post a Comment in this thread (only your first comment counts toward the contest) and subscribe to the RSS feed. 2 Winners will be chosen at random. I will contact the winners via the email they provide to post the comment.

2. Retweet the my tweet about this post on Twitter (only your first retweet counts). Make sure to have #PSNStores some where in the retweet. I will pick 1 random retweet and contact them via DM.

Winners will be chosen at Midnight tonight

Best of Luck!

Update: Congratulations to PriestCoke and Starbuck for winning the vouchers. You should have an email with the code 🙂

  • Tim $

    I hope I can get that Shatter code. I’ve been itching to try it. Thanks for the PSN news!

  • Grey Crow

    Shatter is a great PSN game with classic gaming elements.

  • Sam

    I just subscribed to your RSS feed. and I will re-tweet right now right now :]

    my re-tweet is here: http://twitter.com/HotPocketNinja/status/4840504196

  • Kagari

    Posting for the win. And subscribed 🙂

  • gazo

    Retweeted and subscribed 🙂

  • Found out about Critter Crunch from you earlier this month, and now I’m interested in this! Nice blog/twitter feed. Subscribed to both.

  • Gareth

    Oooh! Really want to play Shatter, looks good.
    Btw, thanks for your PS Store twitter updates, really helpful! =D

  • PriestCoke

    I hope im lucky on this :D.

  • Killthee

    Me please.

  • Jeremy

    Sidhe is pronounced “she”, from what I understand.

    I believe they’re now making Madagascar Carts. Karts? We’ll see who the truly dedicated fans are when it releases. 😛

    Good luck!

  • Riley Maher

    I’ve really been wanting to try out SHATTER. I hope I win!

  • Miqualke

    Shatter seems pretty cool !

  • mahunoy

    Cool. Shatter FTW!

  • Erik Hansen

    Would love a code…!

  • Good luck everbody!!!!

  • DrZeiss

    Fingers crossed

  • Fausto

    Yes, I would love that game! Yay!

  • Darvanr

    Here’s hoping I win I’ve been following Shatter and can’t wait!!!

  • Killquick

    Can I have the Shatter game code please, wish everyone luck on winning

  • Josh

    very cool giveaway. I just found you through the ps3nation twitter feed. I’m going to add your site to my rss feeds.

    • Yea they are cool guys. They have a great podcast.

  • apb_axel

    I really want a shatter code!, good luck to everyone else!

  • Guled

    this game looks good, hope i win

  • Woo thanks for the chance to win. Very generous!

  • AmericanNinja

    Can I haz a shatterz codez?

  • John

    Post! Shatter FTW!