PlayStation 3 Dynamic Theme Archive

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Still a work in progress, hang in there. I am working on getting youtube videos back up for these.

United States Store – Dynamic Themes
United Kingdom Store – Dynamic Themes
Japan Store – Dynamic Themes
Hong Kong Store – Dynamic Themes

  • gazzagb

    Any news on if there’ll be a custom theme creator that can create custom dynamic themes?

    • Since you need to have some code to get them running, it is only available to those with Dev Kits. So I don’t think there will be one, for now at least.

    • gazzagb

      ok, thanks.

  • Use this to replace the pain video.

  • Thanks for the links to so many of my video’s.
    I appreciate the traffic.
    Merry Christmas!

  • God please no , PS3 themes are awfull i love the 360 ones made by the real gamers, The Americans, Japan can keep making toys for lil kids…

    • Nova

      you are so lame. If you hate PS3 themes why would you waste time to go on a site specifically for them? Get a life and quit complaining. FYI: no one cares. Oh and PS: Xbox blows.

  • miguel angel

    ok, the videos are very good but how can i download, for example the god of war III theme

    • At the moment, you can only get it by redeeming Slurpee points from 7-11. The 7-11 website says it is exclusive to them until May.

  • Finally the US gets it’s first free theme.
    But it could have been better than Make.Believe

  • please any one share Dynamic Themes with me / my psn uk id is romiburmi please share thak u

  • Bogard85

    FYI there is a free Wakeboarding HD Dynamic Theme on the EU store right now, its not too bad.

  • kiiro

    awesome post!

  • DeadSpider

    A few many of the videos are showing “This video has been removed by the user.”

    • yea i need to go back a fix most of them

  • xuimhot_1

    😀 thx

  • Anonymous

    Is it possible to transfer dynamic themes from the PS3 to the PS4?