FFFUUU: Rage Comic Dynamic Themes Hit EU PSN!

Posted by on February 29th, 2012 | 11 Comments | Tags: ,

If you’re looking for signs of the apocalypse I’d say look no further than rage comic dynamic themes. They’ve appeared on the EU PSN for just £1.59 each! The picture I’ve taken above shows just the LOL, Me Gusta and Troll themes but as you’ll see below there are also Forever Alone and FFFUUU themes. I couldn’t find those on the store though so they’re not available just yet.

  • Eric G

    what i would pay for is a Rejected dynamic theme:

  • Ryan

    This is everything that is wrong with the internet. People are going to eat this shit up and I am going to kill myself.

    • Ryan Hackett

      I feel your pain, it’s really one of the least funny things i’ve ever seen. I swear that every time I see a “rage comic” i hear a 12 year old screaming “noob!” over a microphone in my head. Then again, to each their own.

  • fuck you

    I hope you die

  • fuck you

    Nice to see Sony only gives a shit about copyright or intellectual property when it suites them.

  • ThatGuy101

    I’m calling fake on this one, too many inconsistencies from the time stamps to the (lack of) quality

    • They’re on the EU PSN store. I took the picture in the banner myself. I WISH it was fake.

    • Ryan Hackett

      Yes. Some people are clearly in denial, but unfortunately it’s true. Chemotherapy is the only hope now.

  • Dominic Vanner

    I am actually disgusted at this, the owner of “Rage comics” does not own the right to use a copyrighted image someone else made to make money, in fact I already own copyright over “Forever alone” which is also included, I have sent him multiple emails and soon will be contacting a lawyer to deal with the issue of copyright infringement.

  • Hhhh

    Fucking reddit faggots